Inspired Innovation.

We are a group of creative professionals
producing innovative worship experiences.

Our Peeps.

Our team of over forty dedicated professionals thrive to use technology as a vehicle to connect with the hearts and minds of people.

Summit began its journey in pro audio installation and has since grown into a full-service Audio, Video, and Lighting firm focused on delivering the most engaging and impactful worship environments for the modern Church at the best possible value. Our team consists of former church pastors, technical leaders, and church volunteers. We partner with architects, engineers, and designers to help the church leverage technology to achieve its vision. We love to challenge our design teams to think ahead, not just for what can be done today but what could be done in the future.

Our services are all encompassing; from the parking lot to the kids’ spaces to the online streaming of services. When we’re asked why we do what we do, we say because we’re passionate about changing lives in the modern Church by creating powerful worship experiences through our custom video, lighting, and audio sound systems. Don’t tell anyone…but we also just really like hanging out with each other.


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