Install Manager

AJ Barnett has always had an affinity for all things audio. Starting in high school when he attended a 3-hour per day audio program during his senior year, AJ has been driven to eat, sleep, and breathe audio. He attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science in Arizona and later took an internship in Nashville. He’s always enjoyed troubleshooting speakers and AVL systems which has helped give him a very detailed understanding of signal flow and how a system works.

Being born and raised in Colorado sometimes lends itself to enjoying typical Colorado things. For AJ, this absolutely the case. AJ spends his free time exploring Colorado’s National Parks as well as biking around the city. Being a musician and working at Summit, it’s only natural that AJ plays the bass as well. What might surprise you though is that he’s also a bubble gum connoisseur of sorts. Out of his years of bubble blowing adventures, he’s only found one type that doesn’t stick to his face after popping. What type of gum, you ask? You’ll have to ask him yourself because he didn’t even tell us!