Office Assistant

If you’ve been to our offices recently, you may have seen the smiling face of Cemre (pronounced Jem-Ra) Lively at the front desk. Her general happiness is fueled partly by her love of helping and serving others, and partly by copious amounts of coffee, which are both passions for her. From nannying to freelance graphic design, Cemre’s main goal in everything she does has been to help others become the best versions of themselves they can be. If Summit is about anything, it’s a passion for people which is, maybe not so coincidentally, what Cemre is all about as well.

Due to an excess of espresso as a child (which she TOTALLY blames her mom for), Cemre stands a solid 5ft tall. Coffee has both literally and metaphorically shaped her life which is not something everyone can say! If you’re in the office, make sure to stop by her desk and say hi! She’ll be the short one with the coffee in hand.