Inside Sales

Have you ever met a person who seems to be friends with pretty much everyone? Or, at the very least, seems to know someone from every circle of friends you have? Well, that’s CJ Welch. Born and raised in Greeley, CO (with a very strong family presence in Nebraska, #GoBigRed!), CJ has been involved in the church since he was a kid. CJ grew up as a “Pastor’s Kid” so his network of local churches and church leaders is quite expansive! For real, though… it seems he knows at least one person from every church between Ft. Collins and Denver.

After getting his Vocal Performance Degree from Colorado Christian University, CJ went on to lead Worship at Waterstone Church in Littleton, CO for four years. Between work, spending time with his wife and pup, and playing music with his band, Tolstoy, CJ is a man about town! If you visit the office and see his smiling face hiding behind his crazy ginger beard, make sure to say “hi!”