Director Of Client Relations

Dustin previously worked for The Village Church in the Dallas, TX area for over eight years. While at The Village Church, he led the charge in keeping all campuses synced up week in and week out, expanded volunteer production teams, established a large production staff and intern training network, all while overseeing the launches of several campuses. Dustin is familiar with the journey of “small church, limited everything, gaff tape everywhere, I’m just one person, to the large church with a lot more of everything, a crew the size of a small town, and more weekly services and events than there are people on a 737.” To say the least, he is familiar with all the challenges and joys churches experience over their years of growth. Dustin works with Nick Kofahl, our VP of Sales and Marketing, to help bring dreams to life for church communities around the country.

Oh, and he used to have an entire head of amazing dreadlocks. So there’s that too (ask him for proof when you meet him)!