Design Team Lead

Before joining the Summit Design Team, Jeremy worked as a pro AVL installer for the past several years, installing systems around the country. Before that, Jeremy served in the Navy for six and a half years, as both an Embarkation Instructor, and a Military Drone Instructor! He has a degree in Russian from Vanderbilt University and claims to have a dog that is bilingual as well. We haven’t questioned him on that last part though. Perhaps we should ask the dog?

Jeremy’s love for AVL design is seeing an idea come to life, from the dreams and visions of a church, to a fully functioning space. As someone with experience in AVL installation, Jeremy knows it takes a team of people to see a large mission realized. Jeremy’s designs reflect this team-centered approach towards executing a plan.

Jeremy is a Colorado native, and outside of his great work, he enjoys cycling, skiing, and camping, all made better by the company of his wife and two kids.