VP of Sales & Marketing

As VP of Sales & Marketing, Nick Kofahl ends up wearing a lot of different hats, but you can trust that they are the most stylish hats he could find and they’ll always match his outfit and kicks. Not only does Nick help shape and cultivate the “Summit Experience” that our clients have come to know and expect from us, he also helps keep us focused on our primary goal as an AVL integrator: to create spaces where people can bump into Jesus and have their lives changed forever.

Nick comes from both the pastoral world as well as the tech world so he brings a plethora of experience and knowledge to the team. If you get him going on a topic he’s passionate about, “Pastor Nick” comes out and you may just get yourself a sermon that you weren’t expecting. He’s able to find deep meaning in even the most commonplace things of life.

When Nick isn’t flying around the country meeting with new churches to partner with, he’s likely sitting in his record room listening to vinyl that he’s collected over the years. And if he’s not there, he’s probably flying to new adventures somewhere else in the world with his wife, Jackie and his kids Ella and Zane.