Install Manager

Although he joined the Summit team in 2019, Ryan Lynette has been no stranger around the Summit offices. He was on the Flatirons Church production team for two and a half years and made himself known to our team long before he became a part of the team. Ryan received a double bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering and Music Performance from CU Denver and has since been utilizing his skills and passion for music and technology to motivate him to reach the place he is now.

Being a born and raised Coloradan, Ryan is also a fan of nature. Whether it’s biking, rock climbing, hiking, or riding motorcycles and ATVs, as long as it keeps him active and outside he’s a fan of it. Oh, also, he’s been touring with ODESZA for the last few years as a drummer so… no biggie or anything. If you see Ryan around a job site, make sure you say hi!