Purchasing Manager

Sean enjoys working closely with our project managers to find ideal solutions for our clients. As a Purchasing Manager, he is tasked with identifying the optimal gear, maintaining solid relationships with our vendors, and using his superpower of problem solving to help deliver an amazing client experience in the end. Sean plays a vital role in making sure Summit serves its clients well.

Before Sean was with us at Summit, he traveled the world (over 20 countries!) helping his customers find solutions to their tech related issues. His around-the-world experience has proven to be invaluable for us.

When Sean isn’t wearing his superhero costume for us at Summit, you can find him with his family, or on stages playing the bass in the Denver area. Although we have several musicians here at Summit, Sean has the most experience as he has not only toured the country, but also played on TV talk shows such as Ellen, the Late Show with David Letterman, and Lopez Tonight. These days, we are just waiting for his chance to get a selfie with Jimmy Fallon!