It’s where we always start.

Some call it design. We call it fun.

In fact, we get so excited about doing this stuff we can’t help but invite our customers into the process, engage in collaborative exercises, and be a part of the experience.

Audio  |  Video  |  Lighting

We think this stage of the process is so vital to the success of our projects that we enable our team members to culturally immerse themselves in the lives, stories, and vision of all of our customers.
Think of it like study abroad without the homework.

This ain’t your grandpa’s toolbox of ye olden days.
Over the years we’ve learned exactly what precision tools create the most comprehensive systems.
Here’s a few we like to use:


Our team is relentlessly dedicated to creating amazingly versatile and energetic audio systems that adapt to our customers needs and aspirations. We have decades of experience in a wide range of audio applications – including live stage performance, lecture environments, traditional and modern worship, and a little rock & roll. Put simply, we love geeking out on this stuff.

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The use of video is one of the most powerful tools of storytelling and communication. It breathes life into a message turning it into a meaningful experience. When it comes to designing the right video system, there are an infinite amount of choices. At Summit, our team members are trained to craft design solutions precisely engineered to our customers vision.

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Creating a lighting design is more than shining lights at a stage. It is carefully articulated to deliver a specific experience that captivates your audience. As the lighting field is constantly evolving, there are an abundance of options to consider. We offer cutting-edge lighting solutions that are intuitive and ready to go from day one.

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We go to all lengths to create the absolute best worship experiences – including going over room acoustics with thorough testing and engineering. Our designers create sonic beauty through careful calculation and modeling to ensure every person is reached.

  • Install

    We don’t just have the chops to design this stuff. We’re also experts in installing it too.

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  • Training

    We offer full-service training to help you get up and running with all your new systems.

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