No Instructions Needed.

Ready, Set, Build.

Because we care so much for the work we do, we want to make sure it meets our high standards once it gets installed. Some call us perfectionists. And we’re ok with that.

Our expertise. Your vision.
Dreams do come true.

29Summit Installers

Our highly trained installation teams work tirelessly making sure every detail is cared for and maintained to be exactly to specification. When it comes to building your dreams, anything short of excellence won’t get our approval.

We'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

We’ve traveled thousands of miles and done hundreds of projects over the years. We are constantly creating new and innovating solutions for our customers. And this demands keeping our staff on the cutting edge of technology, practices, and education.

  • 346projectors installed
  • 4080speakers installed
  • 835kmiles on the road
  • 1.7million flight miles

We tune a room like a musician tunes a guitar.

Our teams understand the importance of properly setting up the equipment so that it is both user-friendly and technically robust. Tuning the audio system is a major component of our final preparations. It is a delicate balance of artistry and engineering to create the proper voice of your system. In order to achieve this balance, we work closely with your staff and volunteers in conjunction with a precise measurement software called SysTune.

  • Design

    We see design as an ethos of iteration and collaboration driven by people with passion.

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  • Training

    We offer full-service training to help you get up and running with all your new systems.

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