Life Church.


We always look for progressive uses of technology in today’s modern Church. And we jumped at the opportunity when Ryan Coggins, the executive pastor at Life Church, invited Summit to join their team to pursue a place of worship that was a marriage of technology and architecture.

Due to the incredibly tight partnership developed early on with the church leadership, architects, and engineers, we were able to adapt our services to create advanced techniques and practices such as fusing acoustic paneling into the structural concrete walls. It is our determined focus on the needs and scope our clients that allow us to create powerful environments.

Multiple Locations

  • Germantown, Wisconsin
  • Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Brookfield, Wisconsin

  • Project Type Audio - Video - Lighting - Acoustics
  • Seat Count 800
  • Completion Date 05/01/2013
  • General Contractor Consolidated Construction
  • Architect The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.